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A New Silicon Valley Where You’d Least Expect It 2018-05-1534826





Let’s start with the numbers, technology companies here pumps 7.7 billion dollars into the city’s economy and hire 75000 people.Job postings for emerging tech are up 40 percent over last year and unemployment is only 3 percent.No, this isn’t Silicon Valley. It’s middle America, Indianapolis Indiana.“It’s on the cusp of what we are seeing as it’s being a global tech boom.”So, Courtney Spence founded Kenzie Academy,it’s a coding University to attract startups to America’s heartland and to supply them with trained software developers.
Steve Hershberger is hiring local Kenzie interns for his beer management system,rather than flying in coders and engineers from Silicon Valley.“The big universities used to train for that, they don’t train for it today.”Through these local business partnerships students learn outside the classroom.
Mya Williams will graduate in December of 2019.As part of Kenzie’s first class, she moved to Indianapolis from Louisiana to study medical software engineering.“New Orleans is very healthcare based but their technology was lacking somewhat and there wasn’t really a job market out there for that.”Kenzie actively recruits females in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry.But in the next class just three out of twelve are women.Student Kavitha Kamalbabu says women need more confidence in their tech skills.“You have to like brush off all those fears and be ready to face anything.That’s how you can win, that’s how you can build a career.”
Kamalbabu and half her class aren’t paying Kenzie’s 12 thousand dollars a year tuition, well not right now.Instead a school program allows them to pay part of their first job salary for the tuition.Kenzie might be a success for Indianapolis, but at Stanford University located in the heart of Silicon Valley students are skeptical.“When I think of high tech I usually think of places like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, but not somewhere like Indianapolis.”If not Indiana how about Asia? Kenzie founders plan to duplicate the Academy model starting in Malaysia.
Carolyn Presutti VOA News Indianapolis Indiana.


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